Thursday, January 29, 2015

DIY Spring Garden

I love having fresh veggies, and I love the idea of having my very own spring garden! I tell ya now days with all of the food recalls going on at the grocery stores and the horror stories of genetically altered foods it makes you really start to think about raising your own animals and growing your own foods! I also love to watch Doomsday Prepper's and boy I tell ya I have gone a little overboard! I want a full functioning farm in the backyard and my very own full serviced vegetable garden! My poor husband thinks that I have lost every lick of sense I ever had, but I finally got him on board and we have started the Spring garden. It was beautiful here in North Texas this weekend and we had the chance to get the garden laid out, tilled and plenty of compost was added! I will be getting my onions in the ground tomorrow afternoon!  

(prepping & laying out design)

(Note- At this point hubby was mad due to tiller not cooperating, I was starting to think garden was out of question)

( All is happy now, even Buddy is in on the help)

Stay tuned! I will be posting updates on onion planting this weekend! 


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