Monday, August 5, 2013

California Ripe Olive Sweeps

California Ripe Olives are the perfect addition to any summer gathering, which is why we’re bringing you the Olive the Days of Summer Sweepstakes! Sign up below for your chance to win a fabulous prize pack featuring California Ripe Olives, that will help you enjoy their diversity during ‘olive’ the days of summer!

Click here for your chance to win:
(1) Olive pot
(1) Mini strainer
(1) Can opener
(1) Set of four stainless steel olive picks
(1) Set of tapenade bowls
(1) Cutting board
(1) Stainless steel pizza cutter
(2) cans black ripe olives
(2) cans green ripe olives

(1) Assortment of recipe cards


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